Hilary Crankin ' Dat...They Gets Busy At The DNC

The Democrats be doing it big. Ya'll don't know nothing about that there!!Go Hilary, Go Hilary, Get Busy It's ya Birthday!

Halle Berry Visits a Friend in Santa Monica

Halle is glowing and she looks beautiful preggers. I hope she has that baby soon.

Quincy Jones' 75th Birthday Party

"Q" Blowing out his candles

Dayum! That cake looks scrumptious

Nicole , Dre, and Robin were there

Yeah Nicole, cozy on up to Dre' and bang.... I mean beg him for some hot tracks because your solo career, umm well...yeah... get to begging girl!

Caron Butler's 25th Birthday Party

Of Course he birthday boy was there looking great. His girl looks cute but Umm aren't Herve Legers supposed to be form fitting or is that a Max Azria?

Gilbert and his on again, off again were there

Tamala was there (haven't seen her since she and Nate Dog called it quits)

Antawn Jamison was there looking like a deer caught in headlights.

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