Brandy's back in the studio

Brandy's Back in the Studio

With her legal woes behind her, Brandy is finally back in the studio.
The R&B songstress is back with a new track,"Dig This" which will be featured on the soundtrack for Tyler Perry's upcoming movie "Meet The Browns".
The 29 year old is reportedly signed with Epic Records and will be dropping an album later this year. Check it out!!
I'm kind of feeling this song.
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Montel Williams MS Foundation Gala and Celebrity Poker Challenge

Montel getting a little lip action(never mind the fact that it appears as if neither one of them know how to kiss properly) from wife #3, Tara Fowler

Robin Givens looks nice, Haven't seen her in a minute

Naomi and Marcus Elias Out and About

She just loves the older, RICH white men doesn't she?
Keyword being RICH!!!!!

Meet The Browns Premier

Eva looks Gorgeous! I love the gown!

Kenya Moore was there

Tasha Smith (that's my girl right there) and the "other" Vanessa Williams were there

Angela Bassett looking elegant as usual

Vanessa and Rick Fox. They made a lovely couple but Vanessa is a better woman than me because every time I saw him, it would be a struggle for me to not pull out my razor and slice his dick up!

The Man Himself, Mr. Tyler Perry looking all Important and movie makerish! lol

Lance Gross and Terry Crews were there.... Note to Terry: Dude, we know you are a big swole brotha, but must you wear your muscle T's at every event. It wouldn't hurt to get suited up just once. Sheesh!

Fat Joe Album Release Party at Sofa Lounge

Of Course, Joey Crack (the hostess with the mostest) and Jeezy were there

The Rick's (Ross and Slick) were there

Snoop and KRS One were in the hizouze

And of course, nothing like two dolla hoes to make the evening complete

C-Murder Signs Akon to Book Deal

C-Murder is being productive with his time as he awaits the June 9 start of his murder trial in Louisiana. The rapper has reportedly announced the signing of pop superstar Akon to a book deal with his company, TRU Publishing.

Akon's book, "Thug Politics," is due in stores in April or May. It's the second title from TRU Publishing following the February release of rapper Jacki-O's "Grown and Gangsta."

C-Murder, whose real name is Corey Miller, is also scheduled to join Jacki-O and Akon for a literary campaign to promote their books and stress to kids and teens the importance of reading, according to

The rapper's debut novel, "Death Around the Corner," sold an estimated 70,000 copies independently in 2006. He's currently on house arrest pending a trial for second-degree murder of a 16 year old, who was shot in the chest during a Jan. 12, 2002, brawl at a now-closed club in Harvey, Louisiana.
Now Kizz is all for literacy but do we really want our kids reading "Death Around the Corner", "Grown and Gangsta" or "Thug Politics" I think not!

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