J Lo performs at Ocean Drive/Market America SB Party

Jennifer looking gorgeous, happy, and in love
( Hubby Marc Anthony must be doing something right to put that smile on her face)

Jigga at the "Hannibal" Premeire

**Disgruntled Bears fan here... Congrats to the Colts** on being the Super Bowl Champs
(That's about all I'm good for right about now,
I said I was disgruntled dammit!)

Michelle Looking, dare I say it, GREAT!!

Nicole Murphy at the Rock & Republic Show

Nicole: Eddie who? I look good and I know it ! Da hell I need Eddie's ass for?

Pharrel Hosts the Dewars 12 Celebrity Poker Challenge

Dayum!! Pharell is fine with his smooth little baby face
(Is he still with Vashti 'cause if not, I got NEXT!)

Pharell, those are NOT her eyes. We see you checking out the breastisis

Everybody's Girl (and I do mean EVERYBODY)Kim Kardashian
At Hyde in West Hollywood

Kim with her new flavor of the week Farnsworth Bentley
(times must be hard since he no longer does Diddy's bidding)

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