Ludacris' Ad for Grey Goose

Forget Grey Goose, Luda got ya girl feelin' loose!

Serena Out on the Town

Serena needs to touch-up those edges and that kitchen, also a bit of concealer or a dab of foundation would help with her look

Forty Plus and Fabulous

Angela Bassett working the Runway like a pro! Beautiful and poised!

Phylicia Rashad showing the youngsters how its done
(she's aged a bit but she still looks fabulous)

Rihanna Performs in Dublin

What? Rihanna is actually clothed?

Nah, I knew it was too good to be true
( she's a pretty girl but I do not need to see another photo of her non-existent ass. Put some clothes on Rih, Rih)

Ice-T and his Number 1 Ho, I mean the Mrs., strike again

Coco forever looking like she came right off the pole in the strip club
(We all know you have a banging body (implanted as it may be) but can we see you clothed and looking like a lady just one time, please?)

What I want to know is who keeps inviting them to these functions?

Baby Fat by Kimora Lee's fall '07 Fashion Anniversary Show

Kimora was there showing Brit some love

I'm inclined to believe that there is no hope for Mrs. Brit.
No matter how hard she tries, the chick just cannot get it right.
Peep the tucked in price tag. I don't care if she is planning on returning the dress after the fashion show, the price tag should not be showing through her sheer dress at a fashion event. I see she is still wearing the bra with the straps and band showing. GO HOME BRIT you missed the mark AGAIN!

Speaking of Mrs. Spears
Flashback: Do You Remember

Mrs. Federlines tryst with Columbus short ? The boy was looking too good in Stomp the yard
so for all you Columbus Short stans, Ya'll have some hope. If he messed with Brit, you too may have a chance. (He's sexy as hell but an asshole, or so I've heard.)

Back to The Baby Fat fashion show

Lil' Mo was there

Lil' Kim was there with Viv who is on the way to becoming her twin in one or two more surgeries. I know ya'll see the resemblance.

Kim was there looking 100% better than she did at her CW network Press conference

Kelis was there, rocking the hell out of her platinum blonde "do"

Lil' Mo was there looking nice
(Motherhood did wonders for her)

Miss. Jay was there looking a H.AM as per the norm for him

Remy Ma and Janice Combs, Queens of the two-toned weave, looking better than I've seen them look in a long time.Now, if we can only get them to check the blonde, multicolored weave at the door.

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  • Simonique
    February 4, 2007 at 1:52 PM  

    Dang Angela B. is doing the damn thing! She is always looking stunning, plus shes still got them Tina arms. The woman is a power-house!

    Phylicia is aging gracefully. I dont like the dress, but its a bad b*tch that can look fly even in a wack dress.

    Its sad to see Viv now-a-days. Especially since she said in an interview that having surgery was just to make her look good/better. Viv girl, you were gorgeous before all that mess. Now you look like a blowfish. Um, wrong move.

    I didnt know Brit and Colombus had a thing. Hes corny now...well hes more corny than he was before.

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