Random Celeb sightings

Gabby looking gorgeous at the Playstation Oasis

Brooke Hogan and Fergie looking like hookers at Maxim magazine's Superbowl XLI party
(and in Fergie's case a washed up one. I'm glad she got off the meth and got her life together but not before it took a toll on her looks.)

Debra Wilson needs to stay away from the ink. I truly love a good tattoo
but this is a bit much doncha think?

Regina King sans makeup. Note to Regina: Avoid closeups when you are not quite looking your best. A long shot works wonders. Don't Forget it!

Vivica Fox At Marc Bouwer
She looks good here but she needs to STOP it with the Plastc surgery because she is bordering on looking Lil' kimmish . Ya here me Viv, NO MORE SURGERY!

Zoe Saldana at the the grand opening of Lesportsac store at the fashion mall

Eve and Pink at Miss sixty's Fall Runway show

Ummm Eve, me thinks that weave needs to be redone---just a thought!

Prince at Superbowl XLI halftime show press conference

Prince must have a thing for wild swinging hair. I'm having flashbacks of his grammy performance with Bey in 2004

Prince responded by rumors that no one was to speak to him during the recent superbowl halftime press conference by saying "Contrary to the rumor, I will be taking questions." He then proceded to ask if anyone has any questions and after a reporter asked him something, Prince broke out into an impromptu performance complete with bootyshaking and white girl hair tosses left and right.

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