Prince Performing at the super Bowl Halftime show
(I know this is a plethora of Prince pics but this is PRINCE man!)

Doo rag and all Prince is the man! Hey it's raining out he has to keep his press and curl tight.

Look at that face, Look at that skin, Prince hasn't aged a bit
Perfection! Dayum!! I love this man!

Back in the day I was the ultimate Prince stan and although my lust has long since run its course, I can still say Prince is the sexiest muhplucka on the planet.
(Had he been blessed with few more inches in height, whoooo, I don't know what I'd do)

Random Celebs out and about during super Bowl XLI weekend
Aubrey looking well, umm,errr
(this chick is making sure she gets all she can get out of her Danity Kane gig
She isn't about to miss a photo opp or a party)

Veronica Web ...NEXT!!!! Moving on,

Alyssa Milano put in an appearance

Lil' John looking a little scruffy
(one guess as to what he is saying...Yayyyyyeeaahhh!)

Will Demps *Drool*

JD, You know Janet can't be too far away
(is it just me or did Janet upgrade him? I won't go as far as to say he is fine or anything but she made him look better)

Kanye' with his big head ass probably ready to whine and throw a hissy fit about something
(What does Alexis see in him?)

Jaime looking a little worn out at BED

Eve at Charolette Ronson(with her man by her side) is really trying hard to up her game. (i'm not the outfit) but she gets an "A" for effort

Justin Timberlake and Pharrel
(could a collabo be in the works)

Ashanti, where you been girl? Haven't seen her since she split with Nelly
(too bad too because they made a cute couple)

Kelly and Veronica Web( who by the way) looks like she's on that stuff!!

Kelly at Tulah looking fab during fashion week

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