Hennessy celebrates "Giant" magazine cover girl, Jennifer Hudson

Jaime Fozxx and Jennifer Hudson was there
These two should definitely hook up because they look great together , Love that dress and that push up bra Jen has on
(I need that bra in my life haha)

Lisa Raye and the hubby
I guess she decided to add a little splash of color to her usual white with the black wrap around her waist)

The Two "J"'s ( Janet and Jennifer) showing Jaime some love

Lil' Jon looking fugly as usual.
(is it just me or does he look like he stinks?)

Kimora and Viv were there
( you know they don't miss a party)

Jaime and Janet, You know Jermaine isn't too far away

Marcus and Omarion were there

Serena( she looka likea man) and Taraji were there
Note to Tarij: The filming for Hustle and Flow is over... you can ditch the hooker duds
Not to Serena: those eyebrows are atrocious... go see ANASTASIA stat.

"Wicked" opening Night

Halle and Rosario came out to the opening night of "Wicked"
They both look great!

All-Star After Parties

Had it not been for the clock in this first photo I would've thought this was Akon
Flav, You are a grown ass man. Put the dayum clock away NOW

Lisa Raye again in white, Okay we know it's your thing but dayum can we see a splash of color at some point in this lifetime

Kelis and Nasir (Now kelis is my girl and all but
I guess if your wife looked like this you'd have that look too
Nas: Dayum Baby, I told you chill with that far out shit tonight
You gonna embarass me in front of all my boys

Weezy was there looking like cro-Magnum man. I don't know what's up with the hunched shoulders

Chingy looking sexy as hell *Call Me*

WTF is this? Big Gip looking a HAM

Ciara finally got it right!! The coat dress, The shoes, the hair. Love EEET!!!
Peep her calves . she's gorgeous here

Usher and Tameka

Usher and his lady getting up close and personal

Rumor has it that these two are engaged. usher's camp is keeping mum but we'll be checking to this one.

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