At this week's WWE Monday Night RAW tapings in Portland, Oregon, Donald Trump showed up to confront WWE Chairman Vince McMahon in person. Their building rivalry reached a climax in the ring as Donald Trump challenged Vince McMahon to a match at WrestleMania 23 in April.

Donald says he isn’t intimidated. Vince says on McMahon appreciation night he was giving the fans a picture of himself but Donald had to outdo him and give the fans value by dumping money on the audience. Vince says that was embarrassing and Donald says Vince is going to be embarrassed as well as they are going to do it again tonight.

Donald said he was at Raw to challenge Vince to a match at Wrestlemania 23. “You gotta be kidding me,” says Jim Ross. Vince laughed and Donald said he was going to kick Vince’s ass. Vince said that he suffered a split pelvis in Hell in the Cell back in Toronto and that his physician said that he should never compete again in the squared circle. He also said that he appreciated the proposal and has a counter proposal. Vince said that he will find a hand picked competitor to represent him at Wrestlemania and Donald should do the same, with the two of them in each others corner. Donald said that he didn’t like the idea because Vince is a rich guy but he is a richer guy,but the Donald finally agreed but Vince wnated to raise the stakes, for some cash. “How much,” said the King.

Vince said he can buy and sell the audience and then admits Donald has more money but Donald says he doesn’t care about the cash, and if Vince loses, he will shave Vince’s head and if Donald loses, Donald’s head is shaved. Donald said that he has heard for a long time that that isn’t Vince’s hair, and then Donald says he heard the same thing about himself, people say this isn’t my hair. “Sure it is, he bought it”, says Vince.

Donald says he doesn’t wear a hairpiece, someday maybe but not now. So Donald says, a hair match, loser gets their head shaved. He said three weeks ago Vince had Donald Trump vs. Rosie O’Donnell and Trump says he was angry because the wrestler who portrayed Rosie O’Donnell was better looking than how Rosie looks in real life, and Vince doesn’t have guts, so Donald says forget the match at Wrestlemania. “He called Mr. McMahon gutless”, Vince said he thinks Donald has something up his sleeve, “but the match is on” exclaims Mr. McMahon.

I don't know about ya'll but my money is on Mr McMahon ( as grimey as he is). I would love nothing more than to see that comb over that Donald has been rockin' for years now hit the floor at Wrestlemania.

The 6th Annual GM Ten
Eva the Diva was there, She is gorgeous but this outfit leaves much to be desired
(She's still beautiful( peep the skin) despite the fashion miss)

Christina Milian and Mary were there
They both look Fabulous, I guess Christina really has been working out, she looks great
(time for my ass to hit up the gym again. lol)

Jennifer Hudson was there , she looks great

Jen (working the floor) and Rumer Willis( who's all grown up now)

Nick Cannon and Donald Faison were there
No matter how hard he tries, something about Nick just screams CORNY

MJB was there doing her thing
She looks lovely but the tatts throw off the whole ensem
One word forMary: Dermablend

Mekhi Phifer was there, I bet he wishes he were still with Malinda

Selita Ebanks was there

Tyrese was there looking scrumptious
(almost makes you forget he got the dirty "pee pee" Almost Ty, but not quite)

Sneak Peak At Brit in Rehab

She actually pulls off the baldie rather well

Golden Brooks At "All The Invisible Children" Italia Film Fest Opening

She's looking better here but the make-up is all wrong.

Tina Turner at Milan Fashion Week

Tina still "got" It. She looks fabulous and check out her skin
You'd never know that this Diva is pushing 70 if she isn't there already

Work it Tina.....Fabulous!

Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance Book Signing

They look wondeful together and so in love. Black Love, Ain't it grand
I'm going to go out and pick up a copy of this book
Gotta support their efforts, know what I mean?

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