Ebony pre-Oscar celebration
Halle is one gorgeous Lady

Love the gown. Halle and Mama. ( I can see the resemblance, sort of, kind of)

Janet and her bother. I wish Janet woudl do something differnt with her hair,
(i'm tired of seeing ponytails and ponytail up-dos)
She looks fabulous though, see how tiny her waist is now

Bow wow getting his grown man on
He was cute as a youngster, not so much now.

Liitle Tootie (Kim fields) is expecting. Congrats to the mother to be

Kim is glowing

Jermaine Jackson looking like he belongs in somebody's wax museum
(and to think, he waas my favorite Jackson back in the day. UUUGH)

Sinbad put in an appearance
(wonder what he's been up to lately)

Luda *licking lips*
(losing the braids has upped his "sexiness factor" tremendously)

Janet Dubois(Wilona on Good Times) proves she still got it
Shelooks good and I know she has to be pushing 70

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