Pink candids in Miami

Pink uniding down in Miami

Russell Simmons presents "Green Initiative" in Beverly Hills

Russel and Eva
Eva is gorgeous, she just blows all of the other Top Models out of the water
She won what...3 cycles ago and all we see is her out and about, where are the other winners?

Eva the Diva getting browsing the jewels
(Eva Love you hon, but I'mma need you to get a better stance)

Serena and Sanaa sporting their Green initiative bracelets
I love the dresses but Serena, didn't I tell you to run( not walk) your ass to Anastasia pronto
because those eyebrows are NOT the business.

Shopping and talking on the celly
(The two things I love the most)

Mario, Lil Mario ( who is such a cutie byt he way) and Russel
Those Van Peebles have some strong genes. The lil one looks just like his daddy

Bill Bellamy and his wifey(yeah Bill I don't like the way you dogged my girl out but she's moved on)

Boris, Nicole and baby make 3
(well 4 but for the photos' sake)

Such a beautiful family but those kids must have worn Nicole out
(she looks tired and a little aged here)

Justin Combs Like father like Son

This bitch here needs her ass beat for giving Justin (who is all of 13 years old) what appears to be a lapdance. Justin is following in Ppuffy(his daddy's) footsteps.
Already a ladies man but he needs to be with girls his own age. Justin needs to be home somewhere and these old looking broads need to be ashamed of themselves. You can't get to Diddy that way.

De Grisogone 2007 Pre-Oscar Party at LA's SoHo House
Little Ashley Banks (Tatiana Ali) is all grown up now
She looks great and she hasn't aged a bit. Wonder what she's been up to?

Nicole and Kimora ..baddest bitches in the industry

Little Kim Press Conference for Children Uniting Nations

Kim needs to avoid close-ups at all costs.
(I'f I'm forced to look at this surgery mishap, I prefer to do so at a distance)

Halle's "Perfect Stranger" Press Stills

Hmm Halle looks gorgeous as usual but the movie... don't know about that.

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