All About The Oscars
Forest and Jen Made it happen

Congrats to all the winners
(Eddie was robbed)

J Hud is an Oscar winner (go ahead, show that statue some love)
She looks fabulous

Garcelle is working that gown

Bey looks nice.

V Beckham at the Vanity Vair Oscar party( for her to be a "fashion icon" this look is just Blah)

The Smith Family. Jada looks lovely as does Will and Jaden
(I'mma need Jada to give Jaden a new hair do, or better yet a hair cut)

Tyra (with the 5-head in full effect) I love the concept of the gown and the shoes though)

Melissa and her wifey look hapy and in love

Eddie and Tracee
(You were robbed Eddie. That Oscar should've been yours)

Celine and Gwenneth were there looking lovely

Reese was there looking Fabulous
Reese: Ryan who?

Bey again getting her pose on

Jen and Anika
Do I detect a little saggage on Anika's boobies

Penelope was there. I'm loving her gown

Dayum, He is gorgeous and he has perfect teeth(looks like Chris Weber to me)

J lo and Mark were there as was Mellissa nd Joan river (they look exactly alike)

Cameron was there, ( the hair is awful came. This is the Oscars you know)

Chance and His Seed

Not only is Chance( I love New York fame) sexy (although a tad bit thin for my liking) his son is a cutie as well

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