Giorgio Armani Prive in L.A.

Katie must be an amazon, she towers over Giorgio, Bey, Penelope and she has a few inches on Naomi. (could be the shoes but everyone has on heels)

Bey looking fab
(can't help but wonder where Jay has been)


Diddy ( who should be home with his babies) and Penelope was there
( again, Those are NOt her eyes Sean, what is up with Diddy ogling these women's tetas. )

"Marky" Mark Wahlberg and Sandra Oh were there

Naomi looking fab but the design on the hat is a tad bit distracting.

Russel could've at least dressed for the occasion
(can we see you suited up at least once Russ, Please?)

Mr and Mrs. peete. Holly looks ab to have birthed 4 babies or is it 5

George, Penelope, Leonardo and Bey shooting the breeze

Suri Cruise Out and About

Suri is absolutely adorable. She looks like a mixture of55% Katie 45% Tom

Beyonce on the cover of Arena magazine

Bey looking gorgeous as usual

Rihanna Anthony Cutajar Photo Shoot

She looks nice and age appropriate here
( and she Finally has clothes on)

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