Drew Barrymore and Cameron having fun in the sun in Miami

Drew and Cam smoking on that La.
(Drew is a recovering addict, she should know better)

Misa Discusses 12-year old son's LapDance

*Just days after Misa Hylton squashed false rumors of her seeking more child support from ex-boyfriend Diddy for their 12-year-old son Justin stating "This rumor is absolutely untrue. I am not taking Sean back to court. Sean and I have always maintained a cordial and friendly relationship for the benefit of our son, despite what has been reported in the press" , the stylist has made headlines again after pictures of Justin receiving a lap-dance surfaced on the Internet.

Responding to the photos, Hylton told New York’s Hot97 gossip girl Miss Info that the lapdance happened at a teen party in New Jersey, neither she nor Diddy were in attendance and they do not condone the behavior at all.

Hylton also said that she fired the security team that was supposed to be watching Justin that night, citing negligence.
"It's so crazy. These teens think that it's nothing, like it's dancing,” Hylton told Miss Info. “But this is big problem for Justin. Real big. I don’t play that at all."
That's right Misa, Keep that Ass in check!

12-year-old Justin Combs get's lap dance

Nicole Ritchie on her way to Paris' Birthday Party

Nicole looks great here. The best I've seen her look in a long time

Kevin Liles Birthday Bash

Jay showing Lyor some love

Tip is looking kind of good there

Russel, serena, and those dayum atrocious eyebrows again

Ed Lover and Wyclef

Suntrust Honors its 2007 Grammy Nominees

Emanuel lewis getting his dance on
(he hasn't chaned since his "Webster" days)

Lyfe Jennings and Evander Holyfield were there

Tiny was there keeping and eye on her man TI

Get yo' drink on, get yo drink on, get yo get yo get yo get yo get yo drink on

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