Lil' Kim, The newest addition to the CW Network

Lil Kim is producing a new show called “The Search For The Next Doll” which as the title states, is a search for the a new member for the “super group” The Pussy Cat Dolls.

Now why they would want to add a new member to this group, when only one of them bishes can actually sing, is beyond me. Nicole, just go solo, and get it over with. Save the rest of the dolls some heartache cause we all know the drill. Girl group, one lead singer who just happens to be be the only chick in the group who actually writes, the rest of the girls always in the backgroud inevitably means solo artist in the making.

Anyway, the show will consists of a group of fame seeking hoochie mamas, oops I mean Pussycat Doll wannabes, who endure a pop star boot camp while living together in Los Angeles. The finalists face judges including rapper Lil’ Kim while they compete to become the next Pussycat Doll. The last doll left standing at the end of the eight-episode competition becomes the seventh member of the Pussycat Dolls. She will sing and perform with the Dolls.

*Yawn* is it over yet? We would much rather see a show about finding little Kim, in which the rapper goes through some much needed corrective surgical procedures to get back some semblance of her former, pre-op, self--- because right now, Kim is definitely giving me cat lady, Jocelyn Wildenstein. See the resemblance?

Da Bears Doing it Big!!!!! NFC CHAMPS On their way MIAMI


And ya'll thought Da Bears could't do it, yet after smashing the New Orleans Saints 39-14 today, they are headed to their first NFL title game in 21 years. (they're playing the Indianapolis Colts)The Bears haven't been a superbowl contender since 1985 under the coaching of Mike Ditka. This time though, Lovie Smith will lead them there, the first black head coach to make it to the title game in its 41 years.
Kudos to Thomas Jones (with the help of Rex Grossman)on that crazy 123 yard pass he caught. On a more somber note,Reggie Baby you did your thing out there on the field today and I still got all of the love in the world for ya, you are still my baby but I had to go with Da bears on this one!! Congratulations to the chicago Bears!!!!! Sorry Saints but ya'll got rocked!

In breaking NFL News......

In breaking news. Mike Tomlin (defensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings) is replacing Bill Cower as head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers, making him the youngest coach(at age 34) and the 6th African American head coach in the League. Way to go Mike!


Wassup with Darrin Henson (SoulFood) and Angie Stone? They apparently showed up at the premeire of stomp the yard joined at the hip. Theve also been seen getting a little cozy and kissing!! Angie stay pulling these fine ass young black men. I ain't mad at you though! Do your thing Ms Stone!!!

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