Common At The Winter X Games 11

Look at him looking all sexy and shit, Don't you just want to lick on his lips for a whiles?

Excuse me while I lust in peace because this man is bangin'!

Finger looking kind of long....hmmmm?

Common takes in some of the festivities at the Winter X games. He, along with Satellite Party and rocker Perry Ferrel will Headline the concerts . Common broke through with his 1994 CD "Resurrection." That album featured the song "I Used to Love H.E.R.," a criticism of hip-hop's creative decline. The rapper laid out his own concept for the music in 2000's "Like Water for Chocolate," a soul- and funk-inspired album that featured such like-minded hip-hop artists as D'Angelo and Mos Def, African singer Femi Kuti, r&b singer Jill Scott, jazz trumpeter Roy Hargrove, and the Roots' Black Thought, and Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson, who produced the album.

Common's 2002 album "Electric Circus" broke into rock 'n' roll. Common earned a Grammy Award for the song "Love of My Life (An Ode to Hip-Hop)," performed with Erykah Badu, in 2003. His most recent CD, 2005's "Be," produced by Kanye West, earned four Grammy nominations, including ones for best rap album and best rap song. His next album, "Finding Forever," is due for release later this year.

Nicole Ritchie out and about

Somebody needs to toss this girl a burger because she is looking skeletal
(and while you're at it, toss her some ORS Temple Balm or BaBy Don't B Bald because her edges are looking "ate" up!)

Harpo, Who Dis Woman

Baby face with his dancer Nikki
(could this be tracy's replacement)

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