Toni Braxton co-hosts The View

Singer Toni Braxton co-hosted The View today.

Today's show was dedicated entirely to the subject of Autism. Toni, who's 3 year old son Diezel, was diagnosed with Autism in September of 2006 broke down into tears while talking about her son and the things that lead to his diagnosis.

Mrs. Braxton stated that it is difficult at times because he need special attention. "He was in a regular school environment and the principal called and said things just aren't working out" Toni said "Diezel is very particular about things, he is a stickler for order and things need to be a certain way for him. He needs his mickey mouse spoon and his red plate" Mrs. Braxton told the audience.

Braxton has been outspoken regarding her doctor's failure to diagnose Diezel's condition earlier, contending that if he had been diagnosed previously, he could have been helped.

Doing Big Thangz at the SAG Awards

We make black look gooooood!

Eddie:Man I got Johnnie Gill out back let me drop his ass off
then we can go hit up these SAG partays

Chandra Wilson: You see this here? I need this to carry home
my two(count "em people) two heavy ass SAG awards.

The Cast of Grey's Anatomy, Hmm No Isaiah Washington!
(Is he still in Rehab or did they kick his ass to the curb already?)

Sandra Oh in this "Oh So Ugly" gown

Eddie snagged a SAG (as well as baby face's ex Tracy Edmonds)

The Dreamgirls were there. What! You mean there were 3?

Vanessa Williams was there

J Hud snagged a SAG She's working that gown too

Will and Jada looking good.
Will: Check it out folks, now that right there--- is a starrah?

Forest Whittaker snagged a SAG. Black love is grand, ain't it?

Tony Parker showing Eva some love

Ashton, Demi and Joy were there

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