Clay Aiken Comes Out on Internet AGAIN!

Clay Aiken recently logged on to a gay chat website called Manhunt, and we have his instant message conversation with another gay member!

Clay, Clay, Clay, When will you learn. People on the Internet LIE!
They Lie clay. Like dude was really going to be discrete.

Awww Nawww clay, I can't believe you sent pics
Clay then invites his potential hookup to cam.

Here is the pair instant messages. Skippermageeblue is Clay, of course the other guy is to chicken to post his name. The Claymates would probably come get him.
Dude had enough sense to block out his info.
Just like a guy to put you on blast while he remains anonymous

Lawd a'mercy Clay! Just come on out the closet baby.
He done blew up your spot so ain't no use in hiding.
Don't be shame. I can already see your feet sicking out.

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