Halle and her man out and about in NYC

I love my black men, I really do but, and although it pains me to say this, maybe going white was the the best thing for Halle. Given her track record with black men(whether the problem was hers or theirs) This relationship between Halle and her model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry seems to be working out quite well for her! I'm glad...It's about time Halle found lasting love. This is a little off topic but Halle is looking gorgeous as usual, I mean Dayum!!! Does this woman ever have a bad hair day? Face day?

Could there be a new man in Solange's life?

Rumor has it that Solange Knowles, has a new man in her life, J.R.Smith of the Denver Nuggets! (what's with her and those Smiths, first Daniel , now J.R.) Rumor has it that LaLa who is soon to be the baby mama of Carmello Anthony's hooked it up! We'll just have to keep a look out for this one! (as I have been unable to either confirm or deny this one)

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