CW Network winter 2007 press release party pics

The Game

Brittany Daniel showing 'em how its done. Peep the legs (yeah I'm hatin')

Tia Mowrey,Wendy Raquel Robinson and Brittany Daniel, stars of CW Networks "The Game" looking lovely

The Search For The Next Doll

Lil'Kim Of CW Networks " The search for the next doll" looking, well, umm know *no comment* (although she does look nice from a distance as evidenced by the second pic.) Maybe Kim needs to spend a little more time in the slammer because I have never seen her look better than when she was released from prison.


Eva and Miss Jay from ANTM. There is no denying that Eva looks good but someone needs to teach her how to stand because that pose right there, is NOT the business. Miss Jay, what can I say, he could've got his hair done for the event.


Keesha Sharp, Monica on Girlfrinds, looking nice but she could've taped them breastisis up a bit. I see some saggage going on.

Everbody Hates Chris

Imani Hakim and Tichina Arnold of "Everybody Hates Chris" looking nice as well.
Now Imani is only 13 years old and she is looking a litte too "grown" in this outfit--maybe it's the shoes, what ya think?

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