Michael Jackson, The Ladies Man

When it comes to Michael Jackson and his loves, it is hard to come to a consensus. True, Michael exuded sexuality through his performances on stage, but off stage, he was seemingly shy, quiet, and reserved. It's hard for some people to believe that Michael was a normal, red blooded man who did normal redblooded male things and that includes sexual intercourse, dating, and most likely juggling women. Much of what is known about Michael's love life is the result of speculation. People go by who they have seen him with and some may choose to believe the numerous women who have recently( and not so recently) come forth to say that they have had a relationship with Michael. Now I have no idea who Michael was involved with but I can say for certain that it wasn't children (little boys) for all the haters that love to throw that in there. I have my opinions as I'm sure you all do, but I'll post a little bit about each lady (and in some instances, I use that term loosely) and you can decide for youself.

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