The "Rumored ladies In Michael Jackson's Life

Let's start From the Beginning with MS. Diana Ross

I guess it is safe to say that Diana Ross was Michael's first love. I don't think that anyone can dispute that. Whether or not that love was unrequited seems to be the question. Diana Ross was born in 1944 which makes her 14 years older than Michael. She was also a member of the '60's singing group The Supremes which was also on the same label, MOTOWN, as Michael's group The Jackson 5. Michael was introduced to Diana at the age of 10 (8 in Hollywood years). Michael lived with Diana for a few months and she was sort of his mentor /surrogate mother. Diana encouraged Michael and taught him about Superstardom. He watched and studied her while soaking up everything that he could learn from her. It's only natural that Michael would have a crush on someone he admired such as Ms. Ross. The thing is, this crush seemed to have lasted well beyond boyhood for Michael. He made no secret about his feelings for Diana, even stating once in an interview for Ebony Magazine, that he loved her (not as a sister or mother figure but as a man loves a woman) and that he would like to marry her. Looking at the two of them together at various functions such as Diana's tv specials, Her concerts, and their Grammy Award appearance, it is clear to anyone that Michael just lights up whenever he is around her. People tend to come down pretty hard on Diana for not having some type or relationship with Michael and marrying someone else when it was apparent that he was so in love with her. While we would have loved to see this pair as a couple, there would have been so much scandal involved that I really couldn't see it happening, at least not back then. Cougars weren't "IN" during that time and for Michael and Diana to have been in a public relationship most certainly would have been viewed as scandalous and borderline abusive. When it comes to Michael and Diana one tends to hold on to either 1 of 2 belief:

1: Michael and Diana had a sexual relationship with Mrs. Ross being his first
2: Michael had a Crush on Diana and nothing ever came of it.

We all have our opinions but because no one is talking, we'll probably never know for sure. Some people tend to think that Dirty Diana was written about Diana. Michael has said that the song is about groupies and while listening to the lyrics, One can most certainly deduce that, but some still tend to believe that subliminally, Mike had Diana in mind while performing that song with his heart wrenching cries of 'Diana " in the middle of the song. Mrs Ross has also helped pen a song that most certainly appears to be about Mr. Jackson. The song entitled "Drop The Mask" appeared on the Japanese Version of her Lp "Every Day Is New Day" Take a listen and tell me what you think?

Drop The Mask By Diana Ross

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