Serena Williams Giving the Fellas What They Want In "Men's Health" Magazine

Serena  Williams Giving the Fellas What They Want In "Men's Health" Magazine

Serena Williams IS featured on the pages of the September Issue of "Men's Health" Magazine. Serena is looking super sexy and Oh so fabulous in her photo spread.
She speaks out about finding guys who can keep up with her, “I’m attracted to guys who are really athletic, so it’s never a problem. To be honest, I absolutely hate working out, I hate going to the gym. I do it only ’cause it’s my job, and I think about it like, OK, other people’s jobs are to go to the office nine to five, and my job is to go the gym and look sexy. That’s the only thing that gets me through it.”

Her favorite body part,“I love my smile. My smile and my cleavage. [Laughs] I think they go really well together.” [Laughs]

What she looks for in a guy, “I’m a sucker for gentlemen, I’m old fashioned. I’m a girl who believes that a guy should take the lead. They should open doors, close doors. I also look for someone who has a good relationship with their mom. My mom always said, ‘Look for someone whom you can laugh with, ’cause it means you can have fun with that person.’ ”

and what she'd be doing if she wasn't playing tennis, “I love acting and writing, so I would probably either be a struggling actress or a writer.

I must say Serena has really upped her game as of yet, Common must be doing somethig right. You can read the rest of the interview when the September Issue of "Men's Health" hits the stands on August 18th, I know you fellas would want to pick it up!

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