Raven Symone Looking a Hot Azz Mess

Spotted: Raven Symone Looking a Hot Azz Mess

Raven Symone was spotted looking a hot mess as she performed for thousands of screaming tweens as part of her “Pajama Party Tour”, where fans are encouraged to wear their pajamas and are treated to a pre-concert slumber party. Now I understand the need for the sleep mask and even the green pajamas but why the tutu mama? As I said before, raven needs to wear outfits , pajamas included, that are more flattering to her figure. We know kids could care less that she looks like a stuffed miss Piggy on stage, They are there to enjoy the music and see "That's so Raven" but Raven should care, she is no longer a child, she's twenty something now, a grown ass woman now and that look is so not fitting, Don't even get me started on the hair. C'mon Raven Get it together ma!

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