Usher and his Son Cover "Essence" Magazine

Usher and his Son Cover "Essence" Magazine

Usher and his son Usher Raymond V (the fifth) cover next month's issue of "Essence" magazine. In this issue, The singer looks to dispel rumors about the firing of his mom, and the relationship between he and his wife Tameka, a woman several years his singer who has children of her own from a previous marriage

On Fatherhood:
“He’s gonna admire me, he’s gonna look up to me. He’s gonna say, ‘I wanna be’ or he should say - ‘I wanna be like my father.”

His Marriage:
“They think that it was forced. I’ve heard a lot of comments like, “Oh, she trapped him.” “He got a baby by her, and then she’s married and she’s set for life.” “No. She wasn’t pregnant when I asked her to marry me. There’s some sort of huge conspiracy over this, the fact that I made these choices in my life. No I grew older. As a man, I have to take responsibility and take a hold of my life. I’m accountable for what happens to my life now.”

The August Issue of Essence Will hit news stands on July 11th, go cop it.

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