Celebs come Out to Wish Nelson Mandela a Happy 90th Birthday

Happy 90th Birthday Nelson Mandela

Mandela's wife Graca manchel checks on her man  during the dinner

World leaders and Hollywood's A-Listers turned out in droves to honor Nelson Mandela at his 90th birthday charity dinner. There were enough stars and statesmen to put most Hollywood gatherings to shame. Sir elton John, Hobknobbed with talk show legend Oprah Winfrey, while Will Smith serenaded Emma Thompson, Denzel Washington, Naomi campbell and numerous others attended the gala event and obviosuly brought their wallets with them as the guests raised nearly 5 million dollars for Mandelas various charities.

Will , Jada, Denzel, and Pauletta Pose with Nelson and wife, Graca at his 90the birthday party,

Naomi and boyfriend marcus Elias, orest and Keisha Whitaker (can somebody please get the girl a couple of cheeseburgers), and will and Jada Pinkett Smith make their arrival

Lewis Hamilton and PSD Nicole Scherzinger arrived for the event )so he is claiming her as his girl, I see)Naomi Campbell(looking crazy as hell already and she hasn't even made it to the booze yet)and my man Robert Dinero make their way towards the festivities

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