Fredro Starr Puts Brandy's Azz On Blast

Fredro Starr Puts Brandy's Azz On Blast

Rapper Fredro Star recently put all of R&B Songstress Brandy's business in the streets during an interview with C.O.D. You may remember the rapper turned actor from his stint as "Q" on Brandy's sitcom "Moesha". He's foul for putting the business out there like that (but then again, She may be the type to see it as a compliment...after all, he did say her head game was all dat!) and more importantly why now? I had always heard rumors that Brandy was "OutThere"; and that she and Tennis Ace Serena had something in common (bad personal Hygiene or stank Puzzy for you all who have a a hard time reading between the lines but you ain't heard that from me though) Anyway, Fredro is reportedly married to Korina Longin whom you may remember as the video chick in Justin Timberlake's "Gone" video
Interviewer: [Brandy] was your chick at one time right?

Fredro: NEVER

Interviewer: So you were just smashing that?

Fredro: Nah, I never f*cked her. The head was good though. The head was crazy …. I never hit it though.

When I was trying to hit it she was f*cking with Wanye (of Boyz to Men). But Ray J’s my n*gga, Brandy’s my n*gga. It was a good time, man. Moesha was good.

Interviewer: She’s the one who co-signed for you for the role on Moesha.

Fredro: Yeah, she saw me in a movie I made with Rhea Pearlman called Sunset Park. All she would watch every day was - Sunset Park. So she kind of had an obsession over me. But for $25,000 an episode it was cool for me. That was good money.

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