Karrine "Supahead" Steffans is back with the "vixen manual"

Karrine "Supahead" Steffans is back with the "Vixen Manual"

As part of her six figure deal with Warner Books Karrine " Superhead" Steffans will be releasing the 2nd book of a 2 book deal with Warner Books, tentatively titled ‘Vixen Manual’

According to Karrine, "Vixen Manual" Is a relationship/sex with diagrams book that promises "To take the single girl from finding a man to keeping a man, and eventually letting him go if you have to."

The book will also have a section entitled "Maybe Its You" which will focus on all the things that women do wrong that push men away. Karrine says, "It's all about how to try to snag yourself that man, husband, life partner or whatever and sex is a really big part of that."

 I  must be   missing something here but how can a hoe that doesn't have a man, write a How-to-manual on how to get and keep one? Excuse me? Sucking the dick of many a man doesn't make you a relationship guru. Just leave the relationship part out of it and stick to the sex manual with diagrams, that's your forte'. Talk about how to give "superhead", How to be a video chick attempting to fuck and suck your way to the top, How to put dudes on blast when they don't wife you, that's all good but how to find a man and keep him...You haven't quite mastered that yet so leave that to someone who actually knows what the hell they are talking about! Anyway, the "Vixen Manual" is scheduled to hit bookstores next July. I know some of ya'll can't wait to go out and cop it!

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