Could there be a Divorce in LisaRaye's Future?

Is Lisa Raye's Reign as "First Lady" Coming to an End?

Rumor has it that Divorce may be looming for actress LisaRaye and her husband, Turks and Caicos Islands Premiere Dr. Michael Misick, in the wake of rape allegations leveled against him.
In April, Misick was accused of sexually assaulting a U.S. citizen, reportedly a friend of Lisa's, on a visit to the couples home .
Although Misick, initially denied the allegations in a televised statement, word has it that Misick later admitted that there was sexual contact but claims that it was consensual.
Rumors of cheating,infidelity, and swinging have followed the couple’s two-year marriage, but have never been confirmed. LisaRaye told Caribbean News : "I understand the interest my fellow Turks and Caicos Islanders have in this matter. But I hope they will understand that I have no comment to make at this time."
Are You Kidding Me? Lisa Raye is Not about to give u her title of "FirstLady" He's been linked with Nicole Murphy, and She with gary Peyton and a few others. One can assume that they have an understanding but if he's found guilty of the charges and does time for rape, I guess that might just throw a monkey wrench n her plans.

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