BET Awards 2008: The Epitome Of Tacky Fashions!! WTF Were They Thinking?

The 2008 BET Awards, Hosted by Funny Man, D.L Hughley was held at the Shrine Auditorium in LA. Usually the red carpet is place to see fabulous fashions but this year, it was more like"what Not to Wear"

The DO'S

Kirk and Tami franklin (can't talk about God's child), J Hud looks nice (I see she's slimmed down a bit), Lisa raye and Terrence Howard(One of the few who actually look normal at this event), Gabrielle Union ( although I'm not loving the look, it's doable) and Jordan Sparks(love the color, Love the look) Managed to look decent for the Awards show


Keyshia cole, Look like she's wearing a shorter version of Missy's trashbag get up. WTF was she thinking?, Lil Mama (who does she think she is fooling? No matter what ridiculousness she rocks. there is now ay in hell that she will ever convince anyone that she is only 18, That chick is pushing 25 at least, Lil' Kim,( her outfit is rather cute _) but she makes the list for rocking her tyra Banks wig in blonde. I know I saw that wig at the beauty supply... "The "Tina" Wig for $29.99, Maybe Alicia doesn't belong here either but that ill-fitting prom dress is not a "DO".


Rihanna looks fabulous and I love that color on her. If this were a movie premiere for the movie "grease" she'd definitely be a "Do" but this is not the 1950's prom Step into the 2000'a chile. Solange solange, Solange, ow we know she has to get out and advertise her mama's creations and this dress is not THAT bad. I could possily work with the style but the color, and matching handbag to boot. Uh Uhhh!!

The Hootchies:

Trina, Cassie and the hootchie crew know better than to show up looking like they are auditioning for a Drop it like its hot vidjo. Granted, The BET awards isn't the most classy affair but it 's no Source Awards either. Trina, looks cute but she needs to take it down a notch. the thighs are a little too thick to be showing that much. I know if she bent over just a teeny bit her azz would be exposed. Same goes for Cassie except she looks like a little girl playing dress up. Ya'll knwo the little girls who sneak over a friend's house and then change clothes to go to a party that they aren't supposed to be at. Ya'll Know! ...Lauren London, and Malikka Haqq look nice actually, they are ust guilty by association.

2 comments: to “ The BET AWARDS. The GOOD, THE BAD ANd THE UGLY.

  • Anonymous
    June 25, 2008 at 10:30 AM  

    LRaye and Terrence howard look so cute togethor!!!

  • KizzDaLipz
    June 25, 2008 at 12:41 PM  

    They do look kind of cute together but me thinks She would be a tad bit too Ghetto for his taste.

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