Queen Pen Responds to Negative Comments "Don't Hate"

Queen Pen says "Don't Hate"

Now down to business... For those who posted a comment bout the pix in NY Post [seen to the left], unfortunately that pic was taken under certain circumstances that was out of my control. I must admit myself that's not the best pic I've ever taken. I can email whoever would like to see a better photo of me and trust I have worst photo's than the one put in the Post (like da photo of me when dat wacko attacked me). Now for some who had something to say bout the photo of me & Plies. I was just chilling, I'm a human & regular person like any of you women out there. I don’t feel like I'm no better den anybody I live life & deal with life's everyday issues like anybody. SO!! I say all that to say so what if my hair wasn't picture perfect! I don’t have a hair stylist on hand and I was going to support my Dude listening thing at the label. Now I ask u guys this, if someone asked me to take a flick & I said, "Naw, my hair ain’t done." Wouldn't I had looked like a crab ass meathead? Come on something like that is minor to me. Plus for those who don’t know, I also have a brain tumor so right now I'm not doing much spectacular with my hair until I make some medical decisions.

Also for the comments about my children, some referred to them as “rugrats.” Please believe ain’t nothin’ rugrat bout my seeds! Yes I have 5 beautiful children! And guess what? I have been raising them on my own& for those of u who come from single parent homes know how hard & challenging that could be. But I did it & [am] still doing it. So being a mother has nothing to do with anything. I take care of my children to the utmost & that should be what matters.

Now to address the comments about "Grammy for what?" for "No Diggity" I was one of the writers not only featured & I had 3 hit singles off of my 1st album, "Party Ain't a Party "wasn't my only record. After my first album I got pregnant & decided to leave from the scene to raise my daughter (It couldn’t be no other way. Who else was gonna do it?) I went to Motown Records for half of a minute, they tried to pull da Willy Bo Bo on me, I broke out. Got caught up with some legal crap & cases, got through that and I wrote & self published a book of short stories to put food on da table.

You see, people who really know me can vouch I am from da streets so all I can do to make money (without risking my freedom) is what I been doing over da past years making music & writing books. And by the way my first book sold 80,000 plus & I did
that on my own. No publishing house, with 3 kid's (at that time I had 3). Which lead me to get a two-book deal with Simon and Shuster. I released one of those books titled “Blossom” & am finishing up the second one now.

Also I'm back recording with Teddy Riley. So, there you have it! And if any of you have anything else you want to know or say to ME, you can hit me on my myspace page & I will get back at you. I'm da only person who reads & answers my messages so give time to respond.

Oh! And for the comment about me living in east Flatbush.... And???

What's [wrong[ with Flatbush? I'm from Brooklyn & I love it I done the big house in LI before but when I got really sick had to sell& move closer to my family. And trust me since white America been moving into the hood, the hood aint the HOOD no more! And the rent we pay now is mortgage numbers!!! And just for the record.... Yes I'm an advocate for domestic violence, also I am a victim & survivor of domestic violence. And believe me that's nothing to joke about. Plenty of women lose their lives to it everyday. And a man has no right or reason to brutally abuse a women. Thank you for taking the time out to hear me out. God Bless

Some pics from the "pen."

Girl, you don't have to explain yourself to anyone. but I do have to give your props for taking this opportunity to get a lil' bit more "shine" in your life. Milk it girl, MILK IT!!!

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