The Hot Azz Mess that is Fantasia Barrino

The Hot Azz Mess that is Fantasia Barrino

Fantasia was out and about looking a H.A.M. while she shopped at Paige Clothing Store in Beverly Hills. That bright red wig/weave/ dye job or whatever it is is so not the business. Not tring to be rude or anything but Ms. Barrino is not the prettiest flower in the garden so why try to draw even more attention to yourself. Fannie, Your voice speaks for itself you don't need a gimmick. go back to black Please and let your voice be your sell.

Here she is with her "Man" Dro( all color coordinated and thangs) at the American Idol Finale and she does look nice here, but like I sad, The hair has got to go!

Peep the shoes, Thank God she greased up before hand because I would hate to have to talk about Ashy heels.


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