Did Bobby Kristina try to Commit Suicide?

There have been reports that Bobby Kristina,  the 15  year old daughter of troubled diva Whitney Houston and her equally troubled hubby, Bobby Brown attempted to take her life.

 Bobby  Kris, reportedly tried to stab mom Whitney with a knife after allegedly getting into an argument which stemmed from the fact that Bobbi no longer wants to live with Whitney. 

 She later tried to take her own life by cutting her wrists. 

Word is, that this episode has landed her in  an Atlanta psychiatric hospital.

If this is true, I saw this coming a mile a way.  Have you seen the photos of this child lately,  Smoking, drinking, kissing boys and girls.  With Whit and Bobby as parents what do you expect?  Mom's too busy running around with Ray J, while Dad is busy trying to find a way back into the limeligh to even care.  Who's raising this child?    She has no supervision what -so-ever!  Dayum shame!

Considering the Source..We'll see what develops.

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