Houston Texans Free Safety Will Demps Covers "Krave " Magazine

Will Demps Covers "Krave" Magazine

Before the grit, grind and glory of professional football, Houston Texans safety Will Demps endured the challenges of being misunderstood because of his heritage. "Growing up was hard because I was interracial and people didn't know who I was". The son of an African American father and Korean mother, Demps drew motivation from stereotypes and labeling. "People thought because you are Korean, all you know is hard work and study. For me there was more to life than books 24/7." What others saw as being different, Demps embraced as opportunity to showcase his unique characteristics. That attitude cultivated success on and off the football field. At six feet 215 pounds, Demps takes pride in laying hits on big running backs and covering fast receivers. During the off season he is just as driven when the camera lens are focused on his ever move.
Possessing coverboy like looks , Demps was cast as the love interest in R &B singer LeToya Luckett's music video Torn. He is quickly becoming a regular feature model in magazine fashion spreads. Along with all the attention also come the playful taunts of fellow football players. Demps is never shy to respond. "I get hell from my teammates. I take it because I get a paycheck. I don't know how it's going to take me, but God has given me a different look and ability and I'm going to use it 100%"

Demps embraces his label as a model, not only in the fashion sense but in real life situations. "There's always that eye in the sky" says Demps. "You are a role model whether you like it or not. I am grateful for it." The much sought after athelete doesn't mind the responsiblity often associated with the celebrity. Demps insists that he is immune from the highly publicized pitfalls of other athletes. "Like Pac Man Jones, he just surrounds himself with bad people. Same in the Vick case, you can't knock another guy for what he went through, but you got to change before it changes you" says Demps. When he isn't playing football, Demps says he is not letting the new found stardom and adoration of groupies play him. "Groupies are who they are and you play if you want but you are going to be caught up one of these days. I've learned not to put myself in situations that I can't control".......

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