Five Minutes With Houston Texans Safety "WIll Demps" cont.

Don't get it twisted, Demps loves to have a good time. But he describes himself as a Christian who walks by faith. "If you don't believe in God, I will tell you about him. Be humble and understand where you come from." Philanthrophy and community service are close to the heart of this budding athlette star who adricitly negociates life beyond his years. Its not just about youth football camps for Demps, he believes in rolling up his sleeves and taking on humanitarian issues. "There are so many things out there that I can't even pronounce but I just know that there's a cuase and theres a way I can help out." He's done so with MS, donated to the University of Maryland Medicine Childrens' Hospital and hosts underprivleged children during the holidays with his Shop with a Jock program. "Athletes are blessed with money and opportunity and outlets. I am just trying to help out.

At 28 years of age and the beliefs of many seasons ahead in the league, this popular bachelor says he's not quite ready yet for Mrs. Will Demps.
"It's too early for that man, but you got to pray for the right wife. Every woman that you meet, treat her like a queen because she might just turn out to be your wife."
Until then Demps is relishing the success of the NFL but his thoughts are never far from how he made it to the top. He was a walk on in college at San Diego state, was drafted by the Ravens in 2002, was traded to the Giants four years later and signed in 2007 as a free agent with Houston where his performance earned him an alternate for this years probowl.

(in case you can't see the Q and A's)
Q. Who's the Sexiest Actress right now?
Eva Mendes

Q. Best Cologne?
Acqua Di Glo by Giorgio Armani

Q. What was you first big purchase?
California King Bed

Q. What's in your iPod?
DJ Tiesto, R&B and House.

Q. Favorite Clothing store(s) and why?
Saks because of the variey.

Q. Best Restaraunt in Houston and NY?
Fago de Chao in H-Town, La Esquina in N.Y.

Q. What are you driving?
A Range Rover

Q. Best Night Club?
Any Club in Miami

Q. Favorite Workout?
Bicep Curls for the Girls

Q. What grooming secret should men know?
Get manicures and pedicures. Women appreciate a brother with nice
and feet. (sidenote: Yes Lord Yes! )

Q. Describe your personal style?
I'm not afraid to break the rules. I'll wear white shoes after Labor Day. lol.

Q. Best Vacation Spot?
Hands down, its Brazil because of the weather and the women.

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  • Anonymous
    July 1, 2008 at 2:44 PM  

    I could fall in love with this man. He loves God, speaks about Him and His Goodness openly, he is a humanitarian, loves what he does for a living and doesn't take life too serious, can express himself, knows a woman should be treated like a queen...again, he knows the LORD! Wow,the lady is mighty lucky who becomes his wife.

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