Nivea WTF?

Blonde Hair? Pink eyelashes? No wonder The Dream ended the marriage? Nivea, what happened to you? You used to be cute.

Ninth Annual TJ Martell Family Day

Cheri Dennis needs to take some notes from Nia, Long, on how to dress down and still look good because that get up she is rockin'....ain't getting it!

Irv must be trying to get the "Father of the Year" award. Don't forget we've seen how you act towards your kids on VH!. You ain't slick!

Back together again? Maybe? Possibly?

Nick Cannon (you still around) and Trey

Now if I didn't know better I'd say Bey with with JAy for the money but since she has her own. I can only imagine that he must have some good ass dick(or lips) because the boy is ugly. What? Am I lying?

Angie Mar and her son "Lil Nokio" I know that ya'll remember Nokio from Dru Hill.
anyway, he is such a cutie. Kizz loves da kids!

Rihanna and Chris Brown Candids in Paris

There are millions of girls (and undoubtedly, more than a few old broads) who have gotten their hearts broken over this hook-up but I like them together. Too cute!

They look so cute together. I hope it lasts!

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