Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson out  and about

Damn that man is foine!!!*singing* "One night only, one night only come on big baby come on"  As my girl "M" would say, Don't cha just want to lick his face?

Allen Iverson and Coco

Damn! Does this slut, I mean hoe, I mean Coco have no shame. her surgical enhancements has made her a nice looking chick so I can't understand why she needs to go out like this.  Her pimp,I mean her man Ice ,must not love them hoes to allow his to  be put on display. AI seems to be enjoying it, just look at his ass cheesing.

Eva Longoria Hits The Campaign Trail With Bilary

Eva looks great here.  I'm loving that blouse. She's obviously on the campaign trail trying to garner the hispanic vote for Hilary.

Juvenile "Devastated " over Daughter's Death

The rap star Juvenile is "shocked and devastated" by the shooting death of his young daughter, the girl's mother and another child, his manager said Saturday.

The 32-year-old rapper is still trying to cope with the death of 4-year-old Jelani; her mother, 39-year-old Joy Deleston; and the woman's daughter Micaiah, 11, whose bodies were found Thursday night in their home, said manager Aubrey Francis.

"It really shocked him and devastated him to the point where I've never seen him before," Francis said. "Right now he is relaxing and trying to grasp everything of what has happened."

Deleston brought a paternity lawsuit in 2004, claiming that Juvenile, whose real name is Terius Gray, was Jelani's father, Gwinnett County court records show. Both parties later agreed Juvenile was the father.

Juvenile, who is in New Orleans, had been making regular child support payments, Francis said.

In 1998, Juvenile released his third album, "400 Degreez," which sold 4 million copies. At one time he was part of the four-man group The Hotboyz, along with Lil Wayne, Young Turk and B.G.

Attorney Randy Kessler, who represented Juvenile in the paternity suit, said Saturday he had not talked with the rapper about the killings.

"Any time you have a situation like that, it's shocking," Kessler said.

Click HERE to read about the shootings

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