Mickey Rourke on the Set of Indie Film "Wrestler"

Thank God this look is for a movie role and Mickey is not trying to channel  his inner "Fabio" as his new fashion statement.

Mickey Rourke is getting into the ring with "The Wrestler," the indie drama directed by Darren Aronofsky .
Rourke will play Randy "The Ram" Robinson," a role that Nicolas Cage had reportedly been set to play. There is no word as to why he left the project.

Aronofsky and Robert Siegel wrote the script for "The Wrestler," about an over-the-hill grappler who returns to the ring for one last shot at glory.

Rourke, who once took time away from his screen career to become a boxer, has been enjoying a film resurgence that began with "Man on Fire" and "Sin City." He wrapped the John Madden-directed "Killshot," and is currently starring in the ensemble of "The Informers," a Gregor Jordan-directed adaptation of the Bret Easton Ellis novel.

Can You Guess this Actor
(place your cursor on the image to find out who it is)

That's right! This black man is none other than Robert Downey Jr who has been cast to play Kirk Lazarus, a black soldier in a satire of the performing profession entitled "Tropic Thunder". The film also stars Jack Black and Ben Stiller, who co-wrote, directed and produced it.

"If it's done right, it could be the type of role you called Peter Sellers to do 35 years ago," Downey told Entertainment Weekly magazine. "If you don't do it right, we're going to hell."

Stiller said he was "trying to push it as far as you can within reality," with the intent of satirizing over-the-top actors, not African-Americans.

"I had no idea how people would respond to it," Stiller told the magazine. But at a recent screening, black viewers liked the film, he said.

Downey explained that he kept the character from becoming a caricature because he "dove in with both feet."

"If I didn't feel it was morally sound," he said, "or that it would be easily misinterpreted that I'm just C. Thomas Howell in ("Soul Man"), I would've stayed home."

Source: KDKA

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