Beyonce' Out and About

C'mon Bey!  I had to squint to make sure this was really Beyonce'.   Uh Uhn,  Not feeling the bleached blond look AT ALL!  *praying that it is just  a wig *  She needs to stick with the darker hair.  It does wonders for her.

Academy Awards
(The gowns left alot to be desired as did the show itself)

Seal must be putting it down in the boudoir big time.  Heidi is grinning like the Kool-Aid man.  
She's giving me a bit too much teeth but never-the-less, Loves her and seal as a couple!

Louis Gossett and his wife  looking FABULOUS, Showing the youngins how its done!  While Jane to know she's still alive and kicking.(mama taught me to respect my elders and in this case, I will live by the   the old adage "If you don't have anything nice to say.."  Y'all know the rest)

Not feeling this dress at all. One would think that after last year's catostrophic mess of a dress. She would do  big thangs in the dress dept. this year.  Wrong!!! This does nothing for her or her figure.  *hangs head in shame*

Note to Lisa: Please lay off the collagen lip injections.  It is Not cute, I repat, NOT CUTE!
you are looking a tad clownish, ala the  Joker.  Please stop, NOW!

I hate to speak badly of the chiren but she isn't the prettiest flower in the garden is she? Why is she even at the Acedmy awards anyway? Too much exposure.

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