Muhammed Ali's Celebrity Fight Night XIII

Diana and those dresses. I guess she wouldn't be Diana withought the hair and dress.

Sharon Stone looks old, she needs a do over. Go home and try it again Sharon

Check out the chick on the right's Honker. That is one ginormous nose.

The man of the hour. Muhammed Ali. it's sort of sad to see him in this condition but yeah, he's still alive, out and about. Mrs. Emmett smith looks lovely. (glad to see this marriage is lasting longer than her marriage to Martin lawrence did)

WoW Kareem is tall. I wonder if he has a ...ummmm, never mind

The Beckams out and about

David is gorgeous and victoria needs a bra or some pasties, whichever is most readily available.

MaryKate Olsen out and about

looking a hotass mess as usual. what's up with the Herman Munster shoes(they look like they weih more than she does judging by her sindly legs)

Kelly Rowland visits TRL

Kelly looks Fabulous. Again I say, The disbanding of DC was the best thing that could've happened to Ms.Kelly and Michelle

Video Vixen lola "Angel" Love photos

She's a pretty girl, airbrushed to death, but umm *yawn* I figured the fellas may want some eye candy to look at.

Rihanna leaving a restaurant after dinner

She reminds me so much of my sister. they look exactly alike
I would post a pic but i'm undecided at the moment, she would most likely kill me lol

18th Annual Glad Media Awards

Jennifer Hudson looks ecstatic to be on stage with Mrs. labelle

J Hud has slimmed down some but she needs considerabley more support for her large boobage. Patti, well she just looks old.... Oh yeah, She is old, Mah bad.

Aww they're smooching

We did it chile!!!

Grindhouse LA Premiere

Common *lip lick*::::::singing::::"he's so sexayyyy perfect for meee"

Sidney Portier and his daughter was there, as was Kobe and his wife Vanessa

Quentin, LOVE HIM!!

Rosario was there showing off her bling

Eva Mendez was there. Love Love LOVE her outfit, especially those wide leg jeans

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