Chudney Ross at Christian Audigier's Fashion Show

If you didn't know who she was, those bug eyes sure do give it away. Diana Ross has some strong genes because all of the girls from Rhonda down to Chudney have it.(she looks like Tracee to me, sort of , kind of)

Kim Kardashian clothing Launch Dash Fall 2007 Fashion Show

Kim and the shorter sis look nice, ( they favor each other as well) while the tallest has umm Err, ummm, errr, she sure is tall

P Diddy in Concert at the Heinekin Music Hall in Amsterdam

Diddy needs to have his behind at home with Kim and the twins

Britney Spears, Luches at Barefoot in Beverly Hills

Let's just hope rehab worked

Tisha Campbell Martin at Kimora Lee simmons Debuts KLS Collection

Ms Tisha is looking kind of old and is it just me or does she have a "manly" looking torso. Granted she's is working out again and I can see her six pack but she needs to work on defining her waist because that mannish look is so NOT the business

Halle Berry at Jenessee Center silver Rose Gala

Halle is gorgeous!

Star Jones Birthday Celebration at Social Miami

Star and hubby AL

She's slimmed down nicely, Now all she needs to do is get rid of the sagging skin or either cover it up

The love birds are still going strong despite Al's obvious "gayness" Come on Like you can't tell
AL loves the fellas just as much as I do.

Ivanna Trump, and Vanessa Bell Calloway were there partying it up

Al looks like he is enjoying that strawberry

Al and Star. (see what I mean about the sagging skin) AL is looking at her like " Yuck Star, Now I done told you to cover that shit up out in public"

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