Joss Stone Arrives at the Late Show With David Letterman

She's such a cute girl but she is definitely going through lol
Wassup with the hair(hich I secretly love) and the style change.

Speaking of Joss Stone: New Couple Alert

Former Tony, Toni, Tone frontman/producer Raphael Saadiq is dating blue-eyed soul siren Joss Stone.

The 41-year-old Saadiq and the 19-year-old Stone apparently hooked up while he produced her forthcoming album, 'Introducing Joss Stone.'

There's apparently a trend here because Stone previously dated Beau Dozier, the son of Motown great Lamont Dozier, and they too began dating while the then 25-year-old produced her last album, 'Mind, Body and Soul.'

Hmm is it just me or am I seeing a pattern here, Maybe there is some truth to what Dallas Austin says, that Joss Stone is basically fucking some of the hottest producer's for hot tracks including her current collaborator Raphael Saadiq.

Dallas also says "She's not Ciara who goes in and gets her work done, she needs that extra attention."

Peep the Happy couple!

Akon and Jo Jo at z100/DKNY Party Plane to the Bahamas

While Akon ain't much to look at , this flic is kind of sexy

Akon is looking a little too cozy with JoJo here who is all of wha..... 15 years old? In lieu of his recent comments about all of the celebs who let him hit it, me thinks he needs to back away from the jail bait with the quickness!

These photos are kind of hot!

Jenna Jamison and Blu cantrell at 2BFree Fall 2007 Collection Show

Not feeling their looks at all

And speaking of Jenna, what the hell happened to her?
Doesn't she know that men love tits and ass and she apparently has let her dwindle by the wayside.. This whole dying to be thin thing befuddles me. I think she may need to start "SWALLOWING" again. Yes, I mean That kind of swallowing. Teehee!

Michelle Wiliams and Cassie making the fashion show rounds

Michelle, although her head is lookign hella large here, is looking so much better since DC disbanded and Cassie is always adorable.

Shana and Travis, Living it up in Miami

It's Offical, The divorce is off and these two are back on Yayyyyy!

Ain't no shame in there Game

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