Kelly Rowland Miami Candids

She looks stunning!
Kelly: Beyonce who? Don't you know I'm that Bish

2007 Players Party at SET Nightclub in Miami Beach

Venus and her umm little friend stopped by
(What's with the monkey Venus)

Jaime Foxx and Ana Plaubia were there. They look great together

Jaime also brought his sis, Diedra Dixon along

Kelly Rowland and D Wade were there(Kelly looks fab byt he way)

Serena and those atrocious EYEBROWs are still in effect

Terrel Owens and Robin Thicke put in an appearance

Snoop and his wife arrive at a Paris Hotel

We know Snoop has to take care of his lovely locks but dayum, does he have to be seen out in public with his plastic cap on. His wife is keeping it real, real ghetto as well with her head scarf .You are in Paris dammit. Look presentable.

London "Deelishis" Charles From FOL to start her own Jean Line

Looks like New York isn’t the only former F.O.L. girl trying to get her hustle on - next up, Deelishis.

The season two winner recently announced on her official website, that production is underway for her new jean line, “D-Cut Jeans.” Deelishis says "You guys know that for awhile now I have wanted to start my own line of jeans. Well this Spring, my dream will become a reality! As we speak, my new jean line is IN PRODUCTION and almost ready for the world to see!Every woman, no matter what size or shape, has a hard time finding jeans that will mold to the shape of her naturally beautiful body. My new line of Deelishis Jeans promises to do just that: fit you like a glove to show everyone the beautiful woman that you already are! Coming this spring to an exclusive boutique near you, Deelishis Jeans!
Finally Jeans for us girls with some Booty.

Tiny Recuperating after Miscarriage

T.I.’s long time girlfriend( well now she's his ex since he recently broke off their engagement and they parted ways) and Baby’s mother , as well as former Xscape member — Tameka “Tiny” Cottle has allegedly miscarried their soon to be expected bundle of joy.
While the details are sketchy at the moment, Tiny was roughly five months pregnant, and is currently recovering at an Atlanta hospital.

Our Condolences and Prayers go out to Tiny and TI during their moment of loss.

Eva "The Diva" working the runway during Fashion Week

This Bish is Fierce and the hair do is Fiyah, two words: LOVE HER!!!

Halle hosts Much On Demand in Toronto Canada

Gorgeous as usual. She seems so happy these days

2/4 of Brangelinas Brood

Pax seems to be adjusting well to his new environment. Here he is with his sister Zahara
1,2,3......... Awwwwww! how cute!

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

"Trick of the trade" Kim kardashian takes the stage during Fashion week. she's a cute girl but when will she realize that you ain't gotta be a hoe to kick it. speaking of Hoes, here are some links to the infamous Kim K Ray J sex tape
Disclaimer If you are under the age of 18 Keep it moving! (hey, that's the best I can do!)

Word of warning *YAWN*..BOOORRRIIINNNGGG but Ray J is working with a little something something(although his stroke is seriously lacking) but the fact that he ran up in her shyt raw is absolutely unbelieveable.

Latifah has a little something to say

Latifah giving the paparazzi the finger. Go big Tif

Hawks Vs. The Heat Game

Monica arnold, Her brother Montez, and son rocky take in a Hawks game.
Monica looks 100% better since she cut her hair. looks like she put on a couple of pounds too.

J Lo performs on a Barcelona Tv Show

She looks fabulous but she is definitely aging around the eyes.
Note to J Lo: Eye cream darling, it works wonders and is a MUSTt for every woman 25 and over 25.

Christina A and hubby leaving a NY Hotel

She's stepped her game up significantly. I'm so glad her "Bad Girl" stint was just a phase, if only Brit could've seen the light before she had to hit rock bottom.

Backstage at the Christian Audigier Fashion Show

Jenna is looking morbidly skeletal these days She needs an intervention STAT because this look is soo not it!!

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