Harpo, Who dis Woman?

Trinidadian Beauty , Shanell

Shanell with Jigga in the Big Pimpin' Video, with her son , and the alleged Son in question
( Do ya'll see a resemblance? Personally, I don't see any camel in him))

Rumor has it that Jigga has a child with Trinidadian model, Shanell. Allegedly Mr. Shawn Carter paid Shanell a million dollars to keep his name off of the child's birth certificate

Superhead at Ebony Magazine's party

Is it just me or does her mouth always look like she just sucked a million dicks
(oh yeah, that's right, she did! )

The Enquirer Strikes Again

Tabloid magazine, "The National Enquirer" has made a photo recreation of what Anna Nicole Smith may have looked like after the paramedics were unable to revive her
(we can only hope that she finally is at peace)

L.A. Premiere of "Wild Hogs"

Martin Lawrence is looking kind of good in these photos and dare I say it, Sexy even!

Tichina is working the hell out of that hair cut, those boots, (peep the heel) and that dress
I'm loving the hair

Raven was there, She's a cutie

John Travolta and Erick Estrada doing the family thing

Taraji Henson was there

Tara Reid finally made it onto the red carpet. Too bad her look was a big Miss!

Bey visited TRL yesterday

Beautiful as usual
(lovin' the hair)
Check out her video for "Upgrade You"

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