Chris Brown, the latest Victim of the "Side Kick " Hacker

You can add Chris Brown to the list of celebrities whose sidekick has been hacked?

When will they ever learn? If you don't want your personal business exposed to the public don't take naked flicks with you sidekick. Chris should've learned from his boy Neyo.

First there was Paris Hilton, then Neyo, and now Chris is the latest victim to be targeted by hackers.

Apparently, the 17 year old's ( yes ladies, He is only 17 years old so you have to contain your lust until May because he isn't legal yet ) sidekick was hacked and some very risque photos of him and his rather "large package" (so we've heard) have been plastered on a website, CB SIDEKICK for the world to see.

We at "'Oh No She Didn't" in no way condone this behavior but you can click HERE if you want to see a screen shot of some of the photos or you can always pay the $10 and get the full monty at the the website

Niecy Nash's Birthday Party
(the old heads came out in full effect)

Neicy stay working a flower in her hair
(she looks nice though)

Tht cake looks delish

Anna Marie Hartsford should've kept her butt at home if the alternative was her showing up at the bash looking like this...a HAM

38th NAACP Image Awards Pre-Show Gala

I'm loving Tichina's hair cut. Fierce!

Just say NO!!!

Nicole takes time or a Coffee Break


The family that Smokes together, Stays together

DMX and his wifey Tahera.. AT least they look happy together.

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