Grammy Red-Carpet show Offs
Paul Wall with his gold grill and bling bling.
(he could've left the grill at home because from a distance it just looks like he has som yellow ass teeth)

Tocorra looks slim and trim here. Breast still big as hell but she looks good

Jaime (looking dapper in his suit) with his favorite girl his daughter
His Oscar made him a helluva lot sexier

Akin wanted to make sure he stood out
now he knows he is too black for that suit. the only things visible are the suit and his teeth)

Corrine is my girl and all
(what the heck is that on her chin? I hope it's just nerves)

Mary J Blige decided to revive the old hair-do.
(Dayum and I was hoping it would be retired for good)

Vanessa looks good

Nancy looks fab too for her age
(she is showing a bit too much cleavage though)

Boris showing Nicole some love and sealing it with a kiss

4th Annual Roots Jam Session

All I'm seeing is Common. YUUUUMMM!

Anita Baker(looking Tow up) and the Queen

Dave Chapelle and India

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