All Thing Grammy
(from the audience to the after parties)

Bey's family showed up to show her some love.
Awwww look at little Daniel(Juelz)
(I guess the semi bent arm is her new signature pose)

Justin and his new bff Timbaland

Prince and The Queen
(Wow Latifah went strapless)

Terrence Howard looks nice
(Why does dude on the celly look like Bobby Brown in about 5 years from now?)

Jennifer, You're at the grammy's Girl!
You are officially a Starrah now
Her and Jaime look cute together *eyebrow raise*

Christina making sure all of the single ladies know
that this is her man

Kanye' and Alexis She's not even a celeb but she "Upgrades" the hell out of his cry baby ass
Alexis, mama, what are you doing with Kanye'?

There's that semi bent arm pose again
The gown is gorgeous and where is Jay?

Paris is everywhere, I don't know about you but I'm tired of seeing her
Tip to Paris: chill out for a minute and give the people a chance to miss your ass because
you are definitley wearing out your welcome

The Legend and the Dixie Chicks
Big winner

Ciara looks pretty here

Plastic Surgery has truly helped Ashley to Blossom
I can see her surpassing Jessica
(whose head looks too damn big for her body in this photo)

Is that bruises I see on your legs Bey?

Looks like Doug E Fresh.

Mary Mary looking lovely


That chicks looks as mad at Lyfe for sporting that braided beard as I am

Pras, Heavy D and a chick that looks surprisingly like Big Lez,
Lez, Dat chu gurl?

Ciara looks lovely but her dress looks a little too short from the front

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