Foxy brown Arrested in Florida
( Foxy must've been hanging out with Naomi)

Rapper Foxy Brown was arrested in Florida and held overnight for battery and obstruction of justice, according to the arrest record and local newspaper reports on Friday.

Brown, whose real name is Inga Marchand, was detained at a Pembroke Pines beauty-supply shop on Thursday night after a disturbance there, The Miami Herald newspaper said.

It could be back to anger management for Foxy Brown

Police say the rapper was hauled to the Broward County jail Thursday night after squirting hair glue at a beauty store owner, swearing and spitting at him, knocking over display shelves and tussling with an officer.

The charges: battery and resisting an officer -- with violence.

According to her rap sheet, it's not her first violent confrontation with a beauty professional.

Thursday's alleged smack down happened at Queen Beauty Supply, 12105 Pembroke Rd. in Pembroke Pines. Police and the owner gave this blow by blow:

Brown showed up just before closing with a female companion, wearing a neon green jacket, jean miniskirt and knee-high stiletto boots.

She bought a squirt bottle of hair glue, then went to the bathroom at the rear of the store to apply it.

But it was closing time. Hayssam Ghoneim, the proprietor, knocked on the bathroom door and told her it was lights out.

No answer. He knocked again and became more insistent. The rapper indicated she wasn't finished with the hair glue.

'I said to her, `This is not a beauty salon. You need to leave. The store is closed,' '' Ghoneim recalled.

He said she opened the door and he grabbed it. She tried to push him out of the way, and then, spewing profanities, tried to squirt him with the glue.

She missed, but managed to get the glue all over the floor.

Brown then knocked over two display shelves of spray bottles and ''was throwing everything in sight.'' Ghoneim said. ``I was afraid it was going to get out of hand.''

According to Ghoneim, Brown declared: ``I'm going to send some guys to hurt you and the store. You're in big trouble.''

She spit on the floor and the store owner before leaving.

Roughly three minutes later, Ghoneim said, he heard loud screaming and cursing in the parking lot. He believes that was the arrest.

According to the police report, the responding officer encountered Brown in the shopping plaza and tried to get her to return to the store. Brown refused.

When the officer placed a hand on Brown's arm to escort her to the store, Brown swatted it away, then started swinging her arms and struggling with the officer. The officer had to ''utilize a takedown maneuver to gain control'' of Brown, according to the report.

There were no injuries.

Brown was previously sentenced last October to three years probation and anger management classes for attacking a pair of manicurists in New York City over a $20 manicure. She was ordered to stay away from the manicurist for the next 5 years.

In addition, she received a 30-day suspended sentence and an order to perform 80 hours of community service after spitting on two North Carolina hotel workers who failed to bring her an iron.

She was being held this morning in the county's North Jail in Pompano Beach. Bond: $1,500

Brown's 1999 album "Chyna Doll" opened at the top of the Billboard 200, the U.S. pop chart encompassing all styles of music, becoming the first female rap artist to achieve that feat.

Seems like Ms. Marchand will never learn. We know you haven't come out with anything slamming since "Hot Spot" but dayum, is it that serious? First you were in there trying to get over on the Koreans in the nail shop now you hitting up the beauty supply store? We know you need to keep your weave and nails looking tight but dayum girl, get you a job, or a man to pay for your upkeep or better yet, get your ass back in the studio and create a bomb beat and lay down some lyrics. Boosting weave and hair care products ain't the move Foxy, Is that what's really hood, these days?

Check out her jail stats below:

Arrest Number: 210700344 Arrest Date: 02/15/2007
Race: B Sex: F DOB: 09/06/1978
Height: 503 Weight: 110 Hair: BLK Eyes: BRO
Arresting Agency: PEMBROKE PINES
* Expected Release Date:

Charge Number: 1
Case Number:
Statute: 843.01
Charge Comment:
Bond Type: BD
Bond Amount: 500.00
Projected Sent. End Date*:

Charge Number: 2
Case Number:
Statute: 784.03-1a1
Charge Comment:
Bond Type: BD
Bond Amount: 1,000.00

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