Toni Braxton takes it to Court..Blackground Records that is!

Singer Toni Braxton is suing her manager in New York federal court for allegedly cheating her out of millions when she signed with his record label.

The suit against Barry Hankerson alleges he "placed his own financial interests ahead of Braxton's" when he induced her to leave Arista Records to sign with his Blackground Records in 2003.

The suit said Braxton was unable to get a full accounting of her record sales with Blackground and that Hankerson blocked her from recording songs for the 2006 World Cup and the film "Diary of a Mad Black Woman," the New York Daily News said Saturday.

The lawsuit also contends Hankerson purposely stirred up trouble between Braxton and Arista to hasten her departure from the label where she has sold some 20 million albums.

It's about damn time Toni wised up and decided to sue for monies due her. It's a damn shame too since this is a black owned business but ya'llknow how we do (sad to say)always have to take advantage of our own. Although it may be too little too late she gets an "A" effort. Toni is now performing nightly in Vegas but We miss her so, don't we? Come back Toni Please and bless us with some more great music but please, Leave the Hoochi Mama outfits wayyyyy in the back of your closet, You're a mama now, act like it!! Uuumkay? Thanks!


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