Fitty to launch a new condom line

The rapper is to put his name to a new line of rubber sheaths( that's condoms for all of you slow folks) and has revealed he is to donate a percentage of the profits to a HIV charity.

50, who recently announced that he has co-written three novels, said: "The kids become immune when you constantly beat them over the head, 'Read a book, read a book.' We have to be a little more creative about it."

"It's the same with safe sex. As opposed to being part of a safe sex campaign, I'm going to make condoms and donate a part of the proceeds to HIV awareness."

The theory is good but let's just hope that he gets the sizing correct. We all know very few men actually need the Magnum condoms and one can only hope that fitty keeps his sizing true to life. The last thing we need is a bunch of sex starved men who are packing in their own mind, putting on overly large condoms which make them look like they are swimming in a windbreaker 3 sizes too big.

The three books that 50, real name Curtis Jackson, has penned are entitled "Death Before Dishonour," "Baby Brother," and "The Ski Mask Way" ( hmmmm? wonder what that one is about--- Robbery anyone?)and are based on the experiences of him and his G-Unit band.Reports are rife that
"The Ski Mask Way" is to be made into a film starring 50.

He has previously appeared in the semi-autobiographical "Get Rich or Die Tryin" and has landed a role opposite screen legend Robert Dinero (lawd that is one sexy old man and he digs the sistas too!! *wink* *wink*)in "New Orleans" which is due out in 2008.

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