Yes, The rumor is True, NY has a Twin Sister:

Bet ya'll didn't know NY had a twin? Yes, Sister Patterson had 3 kids not 2 but I wonder why she prefers to stay out of the limelight when she is a celeb in her own right.
Curious? Click here to see NY's twin sister.

More Paris Exposed

Unfortunately, Yes, This Shit, Paris , Again

Paris be getting blazed. Here she is Hittin' the pipe!

Nicole dahling, You are supposed to snort the coke, not eat it? what? I'm just saying!

At play BFF"S AT work

Nicole showing her booty, she actually had a little something before she decided this was the way to go.

Something is wrong when your balls are bigger than your errr...ummmm, just saying!

In regards to these photos,I will never understand how Paris allowed this shit to get out! This is the type of thing you guard with your life and she just said "fuck it" and let old girl put it all out there for err'body to see. Next time I bet her ass will pay that bill in advance!

5 Pimps and a ho. Whaaaat?
(Stavros said it not me, I happen to like Paris Hilton!)

Serena Back On Top

Serena Williams has won the Australian Open women's tennis title, routing Russian rival Maria Sharapova in straight sets, 6-1, 6-2.

Williams played a nearly flawless match against the world's top-ranked women's player. She needed just 63 minutes to claim her third Australian Open title, and her eighth career Grand Slam win.

Her victory Saturday caps an amazing comeback for Williams, who entered the Australian Open unseeded after falling to 81st place in the world rankings. She missed most of the 2006 season battling several injuries. Williams is just the second unseeded player ever to win the Australian title Congrats Serena!! Show them bishes who's really runnin' thangz!

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